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The world needs to have more compassion for each and every individual fostering a more cooperative state rather than a competitive one. For us to constantly grow and see new perspectives, we have to learn more about the things around us and how we could help make it better for everybody else. To cap the series off I have invited brilliant minded and kindhearted individuals from the Illuminates of the Spectra from Siliman University to enlighten us about Gender Equality, and how Feminism stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA community in making our voices heard.  

P.S. Trigger warnings there are sensitive topics discussed like sexual harassment.

The Illuminates of the Spectra is a youth and student-led LGBTQ organization in Dumaguete city. 

For more information check their social media! 



Events to watch out for: 

Reading Rainbow: A discussion on LGBTQ+ literature for Children 

SOCIESC and Consent Virtual Workshops: sign up here!

Lipsync Extravaganzas every Tuesday at 6 PM on the ISPEC FB page! 

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