Will we ever heal?

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The process of healing from past traumas and hurt could be such a terrifying thing to go through. For some, it may even seem impossible. We have to note that in many levels and aspects our lives are different from each other and the perception and experiences we have are totally different so healing for each and every one of us is different in that same level and magnitude. In this episode, my colleague Bella and I discussed a very raw and real experience she went through and talked about her own process of healing. We wanted to be able to share this story for people who have gone through this and to let them know that they are not alone and there are people who will be with you no matter what. This episode also wishes to show how we all cope differently with pain and grief and our processes of healing and we also shared some helpful tips for you to try out if you’re healing now. 

TRIGGER WARNING: there are sensitive topics discussed.

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