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There is rebirth, that’s one thing I’d like to let you know. Going through such tough circumstances emotionally, mentally, and physically takes its toll and may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is, YOU will rise up to the challenge. I have learned that losing parts of you, you thought you needed wasn’t so bad. Like a baby tooth, thinking that it would be the worst-case scenario to lose them even though we know that a stronger tooth will replace it a more sustainable one. I am a believer in the natural state of entropy and I also believe in the idea of will power. Things have to end and sometimes there isn’t really anything for us to do. I also believe in giving it your all to save the things you want to save, to keep the people you want to keep. Sometimes no matter how hard we hold on to it, it really has to go and transform into that thing that it should with or without you. Life is like that, so as I have learned from these past experiences, I know that we would only come out tougher and wiser than before. These things need to happen in order for you to transcend from the current life and mindset you have. This is the new you, a better you, a version of you that focuses on growth and surrounds itself with a healthy love the radiates all around. Maybe we need to get broken to understand how we could love ourselves better and the way we deserve it. 



Our experiences from each other differ in a varying degree and we don’t really know what anyone would feel and process a certain situation. All we could say is that it gets better, it always does because as we move forward we grow. We are no longer the people that were hurt, but we are the ones that choose to grow. 


1.   Compare yourself to yourself 

·      Check on how far you’ve come, you would have recurring thoughts of what if I stayed longer, what if I fought harder and you’d feel a little upset because well you think that it would have made a lot of difference. Let me stop you there, you have grown, you are most probably not the person you used to be. Your ex or someone who you hurt or has hurt you would actually see that for themselves if they saw you. You would also probably not like them when you meet them again, not the way you used to at least. 

·      Seeing how far you’ve come also just helps you see how much you’ve survived and changed. You will feel amazing to see you have moved forward. 


2.   Tend to your social circles   

·      Having enough time to spend with your OG’s and all your other social circle must have influenced your growth. Being able to tend to these social circles and understanding the dynamic will make it easier for you to integrate someone new in your life. May it be someone you decide to date or actually be in a relationship.

·      Your social circle could be your litmus test for the people you bring into your life. As the song goes” if you want to be my lover you got to get with my friends!”


3.   Take it easy

·      Sometimes when we think we’re progressing and moving forward we overlook the little struggles of everyday. We start seeing a plateau in our progress for personal growth, but not that these plateaus provide you the time to enjoy the scenery. To enjoy how far you’ve come so take it easy. 


Ending points


·      The new and better you doesn’t mean an overhaul of your entire possibility but is a synthesis of all the things you’ve learned and applied in your life. 

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