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We are often our own harshest critics, having our minds wired to only view success as the only place we could be and aim for. This episode goes in-depth and trying to understand how our self-worth should be defined internally and for who we are and not what we’re expected to be by society. In this day and age, we pressure ourselves and people around us to be a certain way based on what is expected, and most of the time we become like Icarus whose wings are burned from trying to fly too high and reach unrealistic expectations. Then we become impatient with ourselves and our progress and we now see how our self-worth goes down with it too.

We will try to learn how to practice self-compassion in order for us to alleviate some of the pressure to be perfect in a world where a spirit of competition is prevalent. Let us allow room and space to grow and acknowledge some limitations we have as humans and our situations, and by also seeing that comparing one’s apple to another’s orange would only lead us to look at our glasses as half empty than half full.

Let’s work on worrying less about external things that we think define who we are. It’s not the extravagant stuff we have, it’s not the number of friends that we have in our circle, and its most certainly not just based on what we achieve in our lifetime but it’s how we lived it. Although these do add some dazzle in your life but its how we touch and build relationships along the way. Let’s live a life of no regret by choosing to constantly grow, learn from mistakes, and take risks. Try to see and understand the world from various perspectives.

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