On developing a healthy sense of self

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On developing a healthy sense of self




What is the sense of self?


1. It is the way a person views their traits, values, beliefs, and purpose in the world

·     Knowing your goals, values, and ideals may be equated for a strong sense of self

·     We are done understanding what is self-worth now we go to understanding ourselves and how we perceive our totality as a person



Why is important to develop a healthy sense of self? 



2. It grounds us the truths of who we are and what we live for 

·     Having a healthy and strong sense of self keeps strong enough to face adversities better without leaving us to question the very purposes of our lives.  



3. Allows us to set healthy boundaries from people, things, and situations that disrupt our inner peace

·     It helps us determine the destructive things and habits that we have and how to steer away from them. 


4. Opens our mind and hearts to change that we need to undergo

·     It allows us to be open and accept criticisms and corrections about ourselves without being offended.

·     It helps us also understand that other people struggle with their sense of self but are working through it. 

·     Allows us to see ourselves as works in progress that goes through constant cycles of metamorphosis 


A reminder that you are the director of your own life



·     Take the reins on your own life, silence the voices that tell you otherwise. Silence those voices that tell you that you’ll never amount to anything or what you do is inferior compared to what they are doing. 



·     You get to choose how you live your life, how you want to be remembered, and how you want to be in general. Hopefully, this is all in good light and under the limitations of humanity. 


·     YOU DO YOU




How can you develop a strong sense of self? 


From the article 

 8 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Sense of Self by Stephanie Taylor


1. Learn how to set healthy boundaries

·     Helps build self-esteem and confidence 

·     Gives us the feeling that we are in control of the things we could in our lives 


2. Practice saying “no”

·     Helps keep out boundaries set 

·     Helps us keep in mind our priorities and gives us the power to choose our priorities

3. Practice self-affirmation and positive self-talk

·     Helps protect your sense of self

·     Stimulates self-growth and self-compassion

4. Travel as a means of self-discovery

·     Expands your mind and gets you out of your comfort zone

·     Discovers deeper things about self


5. Do physical exercises that are right for you

·     Develops habit of keeping healthy 

·     Becomes an outlet for emotions 

·     Introduces you to new communities of people who have the same interests

6. Increase self-awareness and decrease comparison

·     Gives us the ability to cope with negative emotions

·     Allows us to be happy with the little things and wins


7. Practice Self-Care

·     Recharges us and reinvigorates our motivation to achieve our goals


8. Try Therapy for Self-Esteem

·     Helps us understand ourselves more and how we could navigate through our critical thoughts about ourselves and develop a healthier self-image.




·     Having a healthy sense of self gives us the chance to take the power back. A chance to live a life we choose without sacrificing and compromising our values. 

·     It strengthens our commitment to growth and living a life worth living in our own perspectives.

·     Makes us understand our own versions of happiness without impeding on somebody else’s idea of happiness and successful life. 


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