Maybe you’re not meant to fit in

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Maybe you’re not meant to fit in




Will anyone ever truly understand us?


1. No, I guess not.

·     We are all complex beings with different thought processes. Maybe at some point, no one will ever truly understands how we all could react and think about things. 


2. We have to process the internal battles inside of us


·     Not to worry, because even if no one will ever truly understand us, there would be people who would truly see and hear us. They would make you feel seen and heard and they’ll help you go through the processes in your head together. 


 Will we ever fit in? 



1. No but you can belong

·     Fitting in isn’t bad or anything but maybe we’re not meant to be at all boxed and categorized in one box.

·     You can be as crazy, creative, and assertive as you can and belong with people who truly accept you for who you are. (AS LONG AS YOU DON’T INTENTIONALLY HARM ANYONE)




2. Stand out and bring everyone along with you


·     We all have different characteristics that make us who we are. A trademark that’s the word for that. 

·     Bringing everyone with you means you let the people around you shine the way they do. Let them embrace themselves and what makes them who they are without judgment. 

·     It may be hard to not have first impressions of people but it never lasts, so keep an open mind and let people around you stand out in their own respective ways like you!




We don’t have to fit in the box



·     We’ve all been so used to behave and follow the world like it’s the only thing we’re meant to be, it’s not we’re all meant for greatness. 



·     You may sometimes feel like a lost child, just know that sometimes you really have to find out about things on your own first. One day though you’ll find people who’d share this journey with you and be present in some of the internal struggles you’ll face.





·     As Dr. Cristina Yang said to Meredith, “do not let what he wants eclipse what you need. He is very dreamy but he is not the sun you are” 

·     Let’s not let the perceptions and wants of this world devour us and what we stand for. We are the sun, each and every one of us carries a light of hope. Let it shine.

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