When is it okay to be selfish?

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Sometimes its okay to be selfish

Am I selfish to choose myself?


1. Sometimes we forget ourselves because we’re afraid of being selfish 

·     Selfish is defined (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

·     And we always think that when we choose what’s best for us and our inner peace it equates to selfishness. 

·     How can you care for people if you can’t even take care of yourself


When can you be selfish? 


2. The acceptable kind of selfishness


·     Is when you put yourself first because you have already given too much to other people 

·     There is an acceptable level of selfishness especially when you’re not feeling all too well and you need time to have your reaction and sit with your feelings. Sometimes it’s okay to not take into consideration what other people are feeling if you haven’t had time to process your own.


Why is there a need to be selfish once in a while? 


3. Because we all need a break

·     Sometimes when we try to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we breakdown

·     We feel alone because we always try to carry our own burdens while helping other people out


4. If we can’t process our feelings and thoughts

·     How can you expect yourself to help other people out the best way you can? 

·     Sometimes the best thing to do is to care for yourself first so that you could be capable of caring for other people.

·     *The airplane and oxygen bag idea* 

·     It may end up causing more harm than good 



How do we know if it’s time to be selfish? 




5. When you feel empty and tired

·     Often times when we feel empty and unsure of what is going on in our own mind because of the constant pace of our lives

·     Maybe it’s time for you to have some alone time and figure out the things that make you happy and motivated



6. When you go through a tough time 


·     Going through something big is hard enough for you to process and if you need to keep it together, it becomes more problematic. 

·     Sometimes just finding time for yourself and retreating from the world helps you find your footing in this world. 




7. When people take and take 

·     We all have what we called a love tank or a tank of emotions 

·     When we keep on giving our time, support and love to other people you deplete your own sources and sometimes when none is reciprocated. 

·     It shouldn’t be taken against you because we all need to recharge to be able to provide. 


Thoughts on selfishness



·     We should all have the time to assess how we feel and recharge the way we see fit. 

·     Taking care of our wellbeing isn’t selfish, because we need to be okay and fine to be of help to others as well. 

·     We could always try to communicate if we need time for ourselves and when we choose to be selfish so that people could understand that it isn’t about them. 

·     It’s okay to choose yourself when you need to, you should never feel guilty for choosing you today.

·     Don’t fear love, embrace it, and allow it to flow. 



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