On Cancel Culture: Are we all just that?

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 What is Cancel Culture?


1. It is removing or withdrawing of support for public figures in response to problematic behaviors

·     Now cancelling has been so rampant and people have been unforgiving toward public figures and people in general. 

·     In this day and age, it’s like everyone is expected to be perfect, free from making mistakes and learning from them. 

·     Cancelling can be just simply cutting people off your life because they’re toxic. I am all for that but note that sometimes people are learning to unlearn some traits that we don’t recognize as okay anymore


2. This was born out of the trend of calling someone out



·     While it is important to understand that calling someone out on their mistakes or shortcomings has its benefits 

·     But if done in a manner of trying to condemn someone and not allow room for growth may cause more harm than good


Is it okay to just cancel someone? 



3. Cancelling a person maybe be deemed okay if 

·     They are extremely toxic and are not accountable for their actions and decisions. To those who refuse to grow.

·     If they are people who drains away your inner peace and deliberately tries to get you in trouble

·     If they grew up and changed the things that they were cancelled for. I think it’s okay to give them the benefit of the doubt and the chance to prove themselves.




4. I think cancelling someone temporarily is better

·     I believe in growth so I keep an open mind to those people who I have cancelled in the past 

·     I have cancelled a few people in my life because they have hurt me and toxic. Namely, the person who spilled the tea on my sexuality to my dad. 

·     But whenever I see some of those people change and accept their faults and mistakes its easier for me to just realize that they are growing and learning to. 





Don’t be quick to cancel someone. 




5. In the age of social media cancelling someone is as easy as blocking them and spreading the word to cancel that person

·     What most people have to keep in mind is that some people are not aware of their mistakes and their perspectives. Let’s try to hear their sides and see. 

·     For me if a certain star or public figure or friend had a rumor or a thing that happened and people start calling out to cancel that person. I do my research and form my own evaluation if I showed completely cancel them. 

·     We all have things going on for us and maybe these people make honest mistakes and we cancel them for that. Remember we’re all learning, some are even unlearning biases that has been ingrained in our society, and sometimes it’s not their fault they were wired like that. 

·     Sometimes ignorance is not the person’s fault but continually living in ignorance is. Some are trying to change and if they choose to stay that way well that’s on them.

·     All I am saying is try to give them a fair chance before you cancel them. Sometimes ignorance is not the person’s fault but continually living in ignorance is. 






A thought on cancel culture



·     It has its benefits because you get to ask people to be accountable for their actions but sometimes it also gets out of hand. That we often times forget that we are all humans who are figuring their place in this world.



·     I have my own version of cancel culture, maybe you should try this too! Where I have a list of things, they do that I find unacceptable and if they continue on doing that, I would inform them about it. Then if they continue and not change, I keep my distance and I cut them off temporarily, but when the time comes, I come across them again and they changed, I keep an open mind and see if they really have. Who knows rebuilding the bridge could be possible? 


·     There are also situations where the past mistakes of people are used against them in the present even if they grew and change. It’s like learning from their mistakes isn’t allowed.


·     Again, the world is already a harsh place, the least we could do is to be a little understanding of other people and their situations too. 




Here are some pros and cons of cancel culture


Is Cancel Culture (or “Callout Culture”) Good for Society? 

From ProCon.org


1.  PROS

·       Callout culture allows marginalized people to seek accountability where the justice system fails.

·       Callout culture gives a voice to disenfranchised or less powerful people

·       Callout culture is simply a new form of boycott, a cherished tactic in the civil rights movement, to bring about social change.


2.  Cons

·      Callout culture amounts to online bullying, and can incite violence and threats even worse than the original offense being called out.

·      Call out culture is not productive and does not bring about social change.

·      Callout culture is a slippery slope and leads to intolerance in democratic societies as people systematically exclude anyone who disagrees with their views




Thoughts to ponder:


·     Take the time to assess and evaluate people first before cancelling them because we don’t know their entire side of the story. If it was a choice and deliberate then cancelling is somewhat justified. 

·     Allow for growth to happen for other people too, don’t typecast them as their past because some of us are constantly trying to grow and learn from these mistakes. 

·     It’s mostly a matter of unlearning and learning.

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·     Don’t fear love, embrace it, and allow it to flow. 



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