Am I on the right path?

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On wondering if you’re on the right path?



Episode Intro: 

·     Do you ever feel so lost that you don’t even know where to go next? 

·     In this episode we’ll dive deep into our thoughts as we wonder if we’re on the right path 

·     Maybe being just sure of the now is just as important as knowing where you’re headed

·     Stay tuned to learn more 



Am I on the right path?


1. It’s normal to feel like we don’t know where we’re going 

·     We don’t always have to know if we’re on the right path that was destined for us 

·     Each of us has our own thing going on and maybe we don’t see clearly the direction where our lives are headed, but maybe doing the things we love will lead us to that. 


Maybe not knowing your next step is okay? 


2. Discover yourself, figure out how you want to live your life


·     It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know your next step yet

·     Maybe what you to do is figure yourself and be sure of who you are before you tread your path. 


3. Because it’s part of it 

·     Life doesn’t have a blueprint of who we all should be and what we all should do. 

·     Who knows maybe one day you’d wake up and say your calling is to be a doctor, or a teacher or a soldier? 

·     You’re not going to be clueless forever 


The things we have to ponder upon is that..  


4. Understanding where we are right now is just as important as knowing where you’re going 

·     How can you know where you’re going if you yourself don’t know who you are? 

·     Don’t stop yourself from embracing your own person and grow into the person you are meant to be.

·     My dad and I believe in this quote, “in doesn’t matter where you are right now but where you’re going”

·     There is truth to that but I think it’s important to also know who you are and the facts of right now to navigate yourselves toward a future you desire. 

·     Understanding the situation, you’re in and the person you are right now can help you make sound decisions for your life. 

·     So maybe we’re not on the right path, yet because we’re still figuring it out and it’s okay. As long as we try.



Manifest your next steps and keep a lookout on opportunities that arise




5. Reach for what you want, don’t hesitate

·     Once you have understood what steps you want to take and what direction you intend to follow. Claim it. 

·     This is your life for the taking, MANIFEST your dreams. It’s already yours. 

·     For me I was never someone who was sure and had a clear goal and destiny of who I wanted to be. But if you ask me I believe I am where I am today because this is where I’m meant to be and I know I’m meant for great things and I’m going to keep moving forward in this profession I have chosen. 



6. Don’t’ miss out 


·     Opportunities will arise, these could be in the way you expected it and sometimes it isn’t but keep your eyes peeled to the lessons it wishes to teach or reveal. 

·     Some opportunities will offer you growth, some will give your clarity and maybe one day your big break. Just keep going where your heart has led you to and believe. 



  On being the right path



·     I think we all have a solid view of where we want to be in life. We all want to be successful, whatever means success to us. 

·     It’s important to “keep moving forward” as said by Walt Disney. We all hear quotes like this, another is “trust the process.”

·     We all get so wound up on getting to the top that we forget that some of the things that we go through right now could point us to the right direction if we just let it. If we could just listen.

·     No one will hold it against you if you aren’t on the right path right now, what matters is you’re working on it and who knows one little nudge, one small act of kindness can open endless possibilities for you. 




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