How do we move forward?

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How do we move forward?

Life is a rollercoaster ride 

  • Riding it the first time around will get you shocked every time you hit the highs and lows

The truth about life

  • We’re all going to have to prepare for the worst outcome while hoping and striving for the best outcome
  • We were never promised a storm free life but we have every chance and ability to survive the fight 

Life will teach you

  • Lessons will come from experiences and the people you come across. 
  • These will leave a mark in your life and will teach you the lessons not institutions can. 

Life isn’t lived in a linear pattern

  • There are no levels to be accomplished or bosses to fight 
  • There are challenges to overcome but not necessarily bringing us up a notch but provides lessons and realizations
  • Growth is in multiple directions not just one way up. 

Take it a step a time

  • We are always rushed to be the next big thing but we don’t really get to assess if this is what we truly want. 
  • Take it a day at a time a task at a time. We are not robots to just keep going at things without thinking about it/ 

Manifesting what you want

  • Bring in the energies that you want to the universe and it will attract similar energies
  • Claim the things you ask for as if it’s already yours. You can chant an acknowledgement and thank the universe for giving it to you and feel it with you heart. 
  • Look forward and hope for these things to happen and believe it will
  • Work hard and align yourself to the goal and for the things you ask for from the universe. 


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