Understanding Suicide Part 1

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This is a 2 part series that talks about  how it is difficult and frightening to understand Suicide. This is preventable but in order to prevent it we have to talk about it and how we talk about it matters.
The episode talks about the warning signs and risks of suicide. Part 2 talks about how survivors of loss are affected, how we can help to prevent this.

Tawag Paglaum Centro Bisaya. A 24/7 call-based hotline for suicide prevention and emotional crisis intervention based in Cebu City. Please call 0939 936 5433 or 0927 654 1629

Hopeline, Natasha Goulbourn Foundation. A depression and suicide prevention hotline to help people who are secretly suffering from depression. Please call (02) 804 4673 or 0917 558 4673. Globe and TM subscribers may call toll-free (FREE CALL) to 2919.

National Center for Mental Health. A 24/7 crisis hotline to assist people with mental health disorder ranging from counseling to psychiatric emergencies and suicide prevention. Please call 0917 989 8727 or (02) 989 8727.

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