The power of opening up to someone

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Opening up to someone has always been challenging. The idea of being vulnerable about our emotions and thoughts to someone could be daunting, because of all the preconceived notions and judgements that could come off of it. What I learned is that it is extremely liberating and powerful to be able to think out loud and be open to someone you can trust!

In this episode Carl and I would dive deep into my thoughts and insecurities. The story here was it was just supposed to be us catching up but we decided to record the conversation that in turn turned out to be such an episode. Along the way you would hear me contemplate on the things that I have been thinking of and all the other set notions of life that I had.

So if you had the chance to open up to someone, please do! It really lessens the emotional load that you’re carrying during tough times! Enjoy listening lovies!

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