How to practice Gratitude: A guide on being grateful

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So what now? You’ve started to learn to be grateful for the things you have? What are your best practices? and what are the biggest challenge for you in learning to be more grateful with life itself and it’s glorious process? 


What were the things that gave you a hard time in being grateful? 

-Not being mindful enough of the things that go on in my life. 

-When the days felt like I was just in an endless cycle and that life felt like there was no point in doing the same thing every day and feeling demotivated to do something knew. 


Talk about how the universe sends you a little message of encouragement every time you’re on the brink of giving up on the things you love  and then you are reminded to be grateful. 


How do you practice gratefulness? 


-I write down the roses and thorns

How has it helped? 



Do you read your journals often? 

-Review my journals every month to see progress in processing the situations and mental capacity.

To see how things have changed and my metacognition of the scenarios in my life.

What were somethings you realized changes every month? 


I manifest with gratefulness and seeing the things that happen currently that is somehow aligned to the future I want, I celebrate by being grateful. 


How can you practice gratitude


1. Notice good things, look for them, appreciate them.

2. Savor, absorb, and really pay attention to those good things.

3. Express your gratitude to yourself, write it down or thank someone.


Savor the Feeling of Gratitude

There are moments when you naturally, right then and there, feel filled with gratitude. These are moments when you say to yourself, “Oh, wow, this is amazing!” or “How great is this!”

Pause. Notice and absorb that feeling of true, genuine gratitude. Let it sink in. Soak it up. Savor your blessings in the moment they happen.


1. Thank you update

Find things to be grateful for each day, five real things that you are thankful for or truths you are at peace with. 


2. Listing it down

Find the time to look in deeper for the things that you’re really thankful for

Find out what the universe granted and provided and bask in thankfulness and peace, appreciate the entirety of the things you are happy with. 


3. Practice expressing gratitude 

Share that spirit to other people around

Give them a little reminder that you appreciate them and what they have done, don’t be stingy. 

You can also express through asking someone to share with you the things they’re thankful for and share yours. Make it loud and express it if it makes you feel that way. 


  • Show your appreciation to someone who did something nice. Say: “It was really kind of you to…,” “It really helped me out when you…,” “You did me a big favor when…,” “Thank you for listening when…,” “I really appreciated it when you taught me…,” or “Thank you for being there when….” You also can write your gratitude in a letter.
  • Express gratitude by doing a kindness. Gratitude might inspire you to return a favor, or act with kindness or thoughtfulness. Or you might see a situation when you can “pay it forward.” Hold the door open for the person behind you, even if it means waiting a little longer than you normally would. Do someone else’s chores without letting the person find out it was you. Notice how you feel afterward!
  • Tell the people in your life how you feel, what they mean to you. You don’t have to be mushy or over-the-top. We all have our own style. But if you say what you feel in the right tone at the right moment, even a simple, “Mom, good dinner. Thanks!” means a lot.




It is okay to be grateful out loud it encourages people to practice it too. 


 4. Alter your routine if you feel like you don’t get the chance to be with yourself in a day.



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