How Gratitude changes people

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How gratitude changes people




1.   Goal of the episode

·      To understand how gratefulness can change us

·      Know the benefits and lasting effects of practicing gratitude and what we could expect


Have does practicing gratefulness change our life?


Gratefulness or Gratitude isn’t something we buy on the internet or just quickly adapt when we decide to practice it. It’s not an overnight process just like everything in this world, it takes time and effort. Now the question is how has it changed me? How could it change you? There are a lot of things in my life that happened to me that made me question why the universe chose me to undergo through such turbulent times. 


Let’s put it this way. 


My sexuality, but now I’m grateful for this because I get to pave the way for people like me to have a good representation somewhere out there. 


Being outed by someone we barely know, if it hadn’t happen I wouldn’t have been free to express who I truly am in front of all the people I care about. My dad wouldn’t be forced to undergo such change of accepting the truth of my sexuality


Outgrowing my ex, if we didn’t end, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today because I’d be complacent with the life I had. I wouldn’t strive to find the growth that I have experienced if I had stayed with my ex. 


These were situations I wasn’t so thankful for then, I hated each and every scenario because it has caused a ripple of change in my life that caused me so much stress. 






How did practicing gratitude really change me? 





1.    Helps in letting go and avoid toxic emotions


Going through life we’re bound to feel bad about certain things that happen to us. With practicing gratitude, we are taught to gravitate toward the things that we find good. This doesn’t mean totally avoiding negative emotions but mostly not allowing it to devour everything in your life. You may not have what you want now or you think you want but maybe it’s just you’re not ready for it. Practicing gratitude gives us a shift in perspective from ruminating on the worst parts to the parts that could actually bring good. 


2.    Strengthens our connections with the people around us


It allows us to acknowledge and recognize the presence of the people around us. It teaches us to appreciate how these people around you have brought such joy and value in your life no matter how big or small of an impact they had. It reminds us not to take for granted the people and things that we usually have and encounter. 


3.    Makes us happier


Sometimes a change in perspective is what we need and practicing gratitude shifts our perspectives from looking at the glass empty as half full. Looking further into the things you get to take away from rather than letting it imprison you and blame the world for why these things have happened. 



4.    Makes us more generous


Practicing gratitude also gives us this fuel to also keep giving to people. It comes in a full circle whenever you show appreciation to someone or something, we tend to do it again just because it feels good to do so. The more you give the more you’ll have. 






  Questions for you my listeners


·      What are the things you’re grateful for now? 

·      How has your journey in practicing gratitude help you cope with the challenges in your life? 

·      Give more situations where you learned a lot from and is grateful for even if it was something that brought you pain? Or sorrow? 

·      How has it changed your perspectives on a lot of things? 



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