Being thankful for our family| With Samantha Duarte

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How can you show appreciation to your family?



Every family is different?


The family is the basic unit of society. Family is your first social ecological system, the one the rears you and prepares you for the world. Most conversation and how you come to terms with yourself starts at the dinner table according to Michelle Obama.


The effects of being in a family that supports a child and provides a healthy environment to grow in at is transcendent until adulthood and for the rest of our lives. 


We all know that family is important and each of our family and beliefs and how we all are at our dinner table is different. Understanding those differences and turning these things we know of about our family on how we could view ourselves could help us become better people. 


In this episode I have my sister as my guest for us to talk about the things we are grateful for about our family. 



There are lessons that I learned from my family not necessarily what they told me to be, some are also what they showed me I shouldn’t be. 





1.   Goal of the episode

·      To grow a deeper understanding of your familial roots and how it affects you as a person 

·      Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned within the family

·      Be aware of the things that make each member different

·      To know the things you are thankful of about your family and the things that you find happiness in even if it is not a perfect family



2.   Questions


·      Can you describe our family? 

·      What are the things you find stressful about our family? 

·      Who do you learn things from?

·      How do you perceive our family? 

·      What do you think our family needs to improve on? 

·      What are instances and the small things your thankful for about our family? 

·      What are the lessons that stuck with you from our family? 

·      What have you learned about yourself as you grew up understanding more of our family dynamics?



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