The lessons we learned in 2020|With Rubina Bernabe

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What are the things that 2020 has taught you?



This year was the definition of chaos!


We were reminded that we have little to no control of the things that happened around the world. Even if we are just a fraction of this world and universe our actions and the things we put out into the world affect each and every one of us in tiny ripples. You’re small mistake turns to a habit then could turn into vices and so many more. 


I know this year has put us in such an uncomfortable spot that forced us to reflect on our lives. Having so many things taken away from us to keep us safe and the likes. I myself has taken the time to grow within by understanding the truths of my life that I don’t quite have a grasp yet. One things for sure 2020 has taught me a myriad of lessons, of acceptance, patience, perseverance and, gratitude.


Today I have with me someone who has been a beacon of love and light for so many people in the world including me. She is Rubina Bernabe or famously known as Rollercoastinrubes! She is here with me today to talk about the lessons we learned in 2020.  



The things we learn along the way both internal and external things are essential to our growth and our understanding and perception of ourselves and our life. Reflecting on it gives us the clarity to move forward in life. 




What are the lessons you’ve learned this 2020?


1.   Goal of the episode

·      To reflect on the past year and how it changed us as people

·      To stimulate and encourage to take action and aim to be the best versions of themselves

·      To shed a light on the issues and things we all should be aware of with ourselves and the world around us.



2.   Questions


·      How have you coped this 2020? 

·      What were the challenges you faced as you went through this year? 

·      What were the things you were forced to deal with through the year? 

·      What were the things you’ve learned about yourself this 2020?

·      Were there things you worked on with yourself? 

·      What were the things that pushed you to seek personal growth? 

·      In this chaotic year what are the things you are striving to change? 

·      How are you going about this? 

·      What’s your 2021 vision? What are the goals you would like to aim for? 




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