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Love Growth and Freedom: Season 4 


How do you thank your friends?


To all the friends that we have!


We all go through our lives moving from one stage to other and more often than not we spend these times growing up with individuals we end up calling friends. Some even become our best friends and as we grow up we get pulled apart in different directions and even though that happens we can’t discount the fact that these people have been part of our lives. 


We get to have at least a hundred or more friends and that selected few who is so dear and close to our heart even distance and absence could not take that away from us. I have a lot of people that made a huge impact in my life that I rarely get to talk to because life gets in our way. But it doesn’t stop me for being grateful for all these people. I am a faraway supporter of their life and I wish them only happiness and love!


In life there are moments that define who’ll be with us forever. From moments of weaknesses and loneliness through triumph and success. I have had friends hold my hand in my darkest moments and I am forever grateful for them. Sometimes there are moments where they know me more than myself. 





What are you most thankful about your friends?


1.   Goal of the episode

·      Remember the friendships we have 

·      To give thanks to all the friends that changed our lives

·      To recall the lessons and the times our friends were the best things in our lives.


2.   Questions


·      How have your friends helped you coped through 2020? 

·      What are the moments that you are thankful for your friends? 

·      How do you show your appreciation to your friends? 

·      What’s one thing you did for your friends that you thought you’d never do?

·      What were some things you learned from your friends? In general and about yourself? 

·      Do you have friends that you somehow drifted apart from? 

·      Do you guys still keep in touch? 

·      What is your message to your friends out there who you don’t see very often anymore? 



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