How do we trust and be grateful for the process? |With Bridge Lee

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How do we trust and be grateful for the process? 



What is trusting the process?


The slogan Trust the process has been widely used by people all over the world. What does it really mean? It means that we have to have faith in all the hard work that we’re putting in to get to our dreams. Things may look bad now but have faith that we’re working towards something bigger and better. 


It may look like it’s easy to do but it’s harder than you think. We build up so much anticipation and emotions wanting to reach the top goals we have in our lives but when we’re there we don’t really get to stop and smell the flowers but we aim for something even higher. Though it’s not a bad thing but do we really get to enjoy every minute of the journey to our goals? Do we allow ourselves to bask in all the hardships we overcome just getting to the goals we have set prior to the ones we are setting now? 


In this episode we are here to learn to savor the magic of the journey getting to our goals and being thankful for the lessons each of the hardships we got through. 



Ways in which we could trust the process!



1.    Be resilient


Understand that life gets in the way for each and every one of us. To rise above the situations we are facing is our utmost responsibility. Understand that we don’t have total control of what could happen in our lives. Know that change is the only thing constant. Resilient people surrender to uncertainty. They understand that we have very little control over what happens in life, and by adopting this mindset, they have trust in the process.


2.    Embrace the unknown


Accept that there are things that would be left in the cold and unknown. There are no guarantees in life.  The fact of the matter is that we don’t know what life will throw us, but if we embrace the unknown and get comfortable being uncomfortable, we will be better prepared for anything.

Don’t predict the future. Rather, focus on what you can control, which is the present moment. When you do so, you will be creating your life, moment by moment, with zero attachments to what could be.


3.    Focus on your purpose


When things get tough and when you forget why you’re going through all this hardship. Remember your purpose, why you’re working toward this goal.

This will remind you of the things you fight for and are passionate about and will help reinvigorate your faith in the journey and process.  



4.    Practice Gratitude


Practicing gratitude has improved how we see things. It gets us back into perspective how life is too short. With this we become grateful for the things we have and learned. It also provides us the opportunity to have a positive way of coping with things that challenge us. 






Why is it important to celebrate your wins?


1.   Goal of the episode

·      To understand that things happen and all we could do is have faith

·      Learn how to get over the self-doubt that comes our way as we go try and reach our goals

·      Practice to be grateful for the process and the little things that make us learn 

·      To enjoy the beauty of the journey getting to the top, that’s where the surprises lie.


2.   Questions to ponder


·      What are your thoughts on trusting the process? Do you believe in it? 

·      What is the most challenging part in trusting the process? 

·      What were the things you learned as you trust the process? 

·      What are the toughest lessons you’re thankful for as you work toward your goal? 

·      Do you still find it hard to just have fate that it’ll turn out well for you? 

·      How do you deal with these challenges? 



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