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Love Growth and Freedom: Season 4 Finale


Why is celebrating your wins important? 



What does it mean to celebrate?


To acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.


If you are to acknowledge yourself as a person and all of who you are. Your wins and 

progress also have the right to be acknowledged big or small. 



We live our lives at a very fast pace thanks to the internet and social media we pass through our lives looking at the bigger picture and dream all the time. It has its benefits and adverse effects. Do we really get to live our life if we forget about the little things that happen within the day? Sometimes focusing too much on the bigger goals make us forget about the little things that we could be grateful for. Like maybe having that me time you need before you start your day. That little thank you note that was given to you by someone you helped. Or maybe a conversation with someone that struck something inside. We tend to forget these things and these are some of the things we could celebrate. It may seem mundane but it does wonders for your future goals. 


These small wins, these progresses that happen on a daily basis can cause a ripple to all the things you may and could achieve. Celebrating these wins doesn’t have to be grand. By simply taking the time to reminisce it, thanking the universe that it happened simply allows us to acknowledge this win. 


What could celebrating wins do for us? It allows us to show appreciation for the people around us, it could also maintain our motivation to reach our end goals. When we do this we also acknowledge that it takes time for us to reach our goals. As the tortoise and the hare has taught us is that slow and steady wins the race. Before anything else life isn’t really much of a race but it’s a marathon. 




Benefits Of Celebrating Small Wins

So now you’ve got an idea of why it’s necessary to celebrate small wins, now here are some fantastic reasons which make celebration compulsory. 

1. You Get Clarity:

Yes, with celebrating small wins— you get clarity for your big goals. Where we do wrong is when we see only for more prominent achievements while neglecting the importance of small wins in life. By setting daily goals, we can see how the ultimate goal could be broken down into small steps. 

When you start giving importance to small victories, you eventually start realizing that you are reaching close to your goal. It then helps you to stay more focus on reaching your destination.

2. Remember Your Passion:

We often time have to make it realize ourselves of what we are struggling for. By celebrating small wins, we recall ourselves of a reason why we have chosen those big goals and with what intentions. 

Without rewarding yourself for the efforts you have made to be at your destination, you may feel like you’ve lost insight into your goal and even some of the passion.

3. Gain Confidence & Motivation:

It not always you feel the same confidence and motivation with which you have started your journey. Of course, with obstacles and problems in your way, seldom you may feel disappointed, discouraged, and broken. But when you learn to gain small wins, it becomes easy for you to fire back with the same power and confidence for bigger one goals. You can flip all the pages of efforts that you have made throughout the journey so far; it allows you to look back at how much you have achieved, how far you have come now, and how closer to your goal.

4. You Deserve It:

Kudos to you and your efforts! You should feel proud of yourself for your passion and strong commitment. You should be happy about being so strong even in the tough events. However, take the time to reward yourself after all the hard work you have done for achieving a particular goal in your life. 

You don’t need to be appreciated by others every time; you are special for yourself. You know the struggle and pain you’ve gone through to achieve whatever you have in your life, so celebrate it with great joy.

5. Strengthen Your Psychology:

When an individual celebrates, endorphins release inside the body, and that person feels incredible. So when you achieve or accomplish something in your life, don’t think a lot to celebrate. 

However, celebrating wins not only feels incredible physically, but it also reinforces the behavior you desire to show up when you face new opportunities or challenges in your life.

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”



When we make a small mistake, we almost always feel bad about it. But when we accomplish a small goal, we almost never feel good about it.





Why is it important to celebrate your wins?


1.   Goal of the episode

·      To encourage people to celebrate their wins

·      To make them understand that progress is still progress

·      To find the joy in their little steps towards their big goals

·      Help appreciate the journey of getting to their goals and dreams


2.   Questions


·      What are you most thankful for this year?

·      What were the goals you had for yourself that you were able to achieve this year? 

·      What were the challenges you encountered? Were you discouraged along the way? 

·      Do you think celebrating your wins is important? If so why? 

·      Did you celebrate your small wins? How did you celebrate them? 

·      What are ways we could celebrate these wins? 





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