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1. 1. 

The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.





To have a patient heart and mind through the process we’re going through. Life isn’t linear unlike how the society tells us it is. Progress is different for everybody and also setbacks. Knowing this and accepting that it will always be different gives us a fresher perspective when it comes to being patient and compassionate toward ourselves as we go through these setbacks. 








-Why is it important that you develop a spirit of patience toward yourself in moments of setbacks? 


·    We judge ourselves based solely on our own standards of success which most of the time is flawed and shaped by the society without every factoring in what really goes on. What’s in and out of control. ITS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

·    It’s okay to keep pushing ourselves for the better but being so damn hard on ourselves and judging ourselves with someone else’s scoresheet could be very harmful. YOU ARE WORKING ON IT AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS



-Comparing yourself to the progress of others and how they overcome their setbacks will not help. 



·    It’s like comparing two different things, you won’t get accurate results.

·    Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with things, you should be more focused on how far you’ve come from the person you used to be. 

·    Celebrate every little progress you’ve made from your previous self. 




·    Working on your setbacks and the things that you somehow need to improve on takes time and effort .

·    You identify what you need to work on which was discussed in the previous episode. Knowing where to improve on will greatly help you in being able to find out how you could work on it. 

·    Make a plan of action on how you’ll work on it! On the next episode we’ll discuss on how will realigning priorities and setting priorities help you on this road of overcoming setbacks. 




–      How can we be more patient with ourselves? 


·    Here are some ways we could practice this spirit of patience upon ourselves.

·    Remind ourselves that it is a normal part of life, setbacks lead us to a better place. It’s the platform of out comeback. It’s the chance for us to learn from our shortcomings and bounce back stronger than ever. 

·    Self-Reflection- note down the things you are working on and reflect on it each day to see progress and how’s it going for you. 

·    Celebrate all your small progress because small progress is still progress. Working on yourself will take time and effort. 

·    Lastly know that you are not alone, and working on yourself is already a great enough feat. It’s harder than everybody thinks it is. 

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