How to take responsibility?

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1. 1. 

the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.





This episode has the goal to let us know how we could take responsibility for our actions and to follow through. There are many ways we could encounter moments of placing the blame on things we can’t control. In this episode we’ll talk about why is it important for us to take accountability and how we could ask help from others to keep us on track. 





-What does it mean to take responsibility? 


·    We have to understand all the decisions we make have an equivalent effect. If we chose to stay on track then we reap the benefits. But the moment we stray from it, know that there will be some consequences to it. 

·    The reason why it’s important to take responsibility is because it’s also mental practice to keep ourselves in check. 

·    We can make the conscious decision of not doing the thing we need to do, and it’s okay as long as you’re ready to deal with what comes next. 

·    Taking responsibility means you are to be held accountable for the decisions you’ve made and no one is to blame for the effects of it whether it’s good or bad. 




-Why take responsibility?  


·    With being able to comprehend what’s in your control and what you can take the responsibility for makes you a better person. 

·    It gives you more confidence in yourself and your abilities, it strengthens your convictions on your own principles, and have better relationships with people around you. 

·    People who take responsibility attracts the same people and is found to be less toxic because they are better aware of what’s going on within themselves and the world around them. 

·    Lastly it improves your decision making, it allows you to weigh things properly and stand up by your decisions. 


-How to take responsibility? 


·    When making decisions you have to weigh the pros and cons. Ask yourself are you ready for whatever comes your way when you make this decision? 

·    Are you able to say, okay guys this is all on me. I won’t blame anyone if this goes south. 

·    If you can say that and if you are fully sure you are ready for all of it. Then go and do it! 



-Finding accountability buddies? 


·    When dealing with changes and growth like this it’s recommended that you find a mentor, a buddy that would help you keep in line with your goals. 

·    This could be someone you share the same passions with and the like. 

·    Tell them your goals, and your steps! Message them when you’re feeling like you’re falling off the wagon of your responsibilities. Do that with your buddy vice versa as well.

·    Have a check in balance! Know that a lot of the things we do in life can be done alone but always better with somebody who could help you. 


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