How to stay ready?

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How to be ready? 




Now we all know how we could look at setbacks and how we could use it as the platform of our comeback it’s time for us to prepare. Let’s get ready for the long haul. This is to remind you it won’t get easier from here, because working on yourself and your goals will be hard and is going to take a long while before it actualizes. Before results show up in front of your face. (Gym analogy- working out and the pump, the temporary high but results show over time) working out your habits and your being now will show up after constant work on ourselves. 






-Life’s a marathon not a race.


·    We hear these from people who’s been on the marathon of life longer than us. 

·    We have to understand and be prepared that the journey of self-improvement doesn’t end. That working our own setbacks takes time. 

·    There’s no rush for us to be at one point in time. What matters is how long can we go from where we are today because these changes you’ve made will manifest in its own time and it will come with its own rewards. Think of it like training for sports, the universe won’t throw you things you can’t overcome. The harder it gets it means the work you’ve put in yourself is being recognized by the universe. 




-I don’t get ready I stay ready. (Chi Chi Devayne) 


·    When your mindset is like this, if you’re ready for what the world throws your way you’ll be on your feet quickly and work on the things that you’ve been manifesting. 

·    When we get overwhelmed by the things that’s happening think of it as the universe finally granting you all the things that you’ve been working so hard for, these are the fruits of your hard work. 


-Take breaks, take it easy and keep going! 


·    Going through all this would be tough so go easy on yourself. Listen to your body and take care of yourself at every aspect. 

·    Take breaks, Schedule them so you won’t feel guilty of not being productive. It’s called productive rest. 

·    Brush yourself off and start again and pick up where you left off! 


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