2 : Build and they will come – but ‘who are they” again?

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Welcome to this new episode of 10 minutes marketing with your host Celeste Lustosa, an expert with over 20 years of marketing. If you’re a prominent business owner, just starting or running an online business, this is your chance to learn the secrets of marketing and sales. Through a 10 minutes episode, you will learn how to scale and grow your business the right way.

In this episode about Customer Avatar. these are the points you shouldn’t miss:

  • How important it is to know your ideal customer. [2:43]
  • Celeste breaks down the criteria you should be looking for in your ideal customer [3:57]
  • The importance of talking to your customer to improve your service.[4:21]
  • Homework: Identify your customer [5:20]
  • The importance of taking notes and using your staff experience with customers. [6:28]
  • How to reach the right audience as a small business. [7:08]
  • The importance of speaking your audience language in building trust.[9:02]

Summary of topics discussed:


Perfect customer


Marketing to everyone is a waste of money and energy, and not everyone will be interested in your services or products. Thus, identifying your ideal customer is vital to start on the right foot and achieve more sales.


The importance of customer conversation


It’s needless to say that communication is the most critical side of marketing. Understanding your customer is vital for improving your service, thus, having a loyal customer base.




Identify five customers and try to start a conversation with them. You can find a friend or a family member that falls into your niche for small business owners. Then ask them out for a chat and understand their needs and how you can help them. Try taking notes and implementing everything you learned to improve your business.


Finding the target customer as a small business owner


It’s important to know that when you get into competition with big companies. You’re going against someone with millions of dollars to invest in marketing, thus, overshadowing your business. So as a small business owner, it would help if you were more specific when choosing who to target, don’t go for larger audiences. 




Speak your audience’s language, and people tend to go for the brands they trust the most. Additionally, the best way to earn someone’s trust is to speak their language and relate to their experiences, so use that to your advantage to build a customer base that sticks with your business and helps you grow it. 


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