Let’s Un complicate Social Media

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Let’s Un complicate Social Media

Hello! Welcome to 10 Minute Marketing with Celeste, a marketing expert for over 20 years. Are you a sole trader, a small to medium business owner or working for a bigger business? Stay tuned to today’s 10-minute episode and get key facts about what social media marketing is really about. Say goodbye to second guessing yourself and following unmerited assumptions. Say hello to the new way to deal with social media marketing. Let’s Un complicate Social Media! 

In this episode about Social Media. These are the points you shouldn’t miss:

·         [2:42] Why is social media important to a business? 

·         [3:22] How to identify the right content to use on social media.

·         [3:49] How your ideal customer dictates your channel of choice

·         [5:13] How the consistency and content structure are crucial to your success on social media.

·         [6:22] How to balance the time you spend on social media.

·         [8:53] How the 80/20 rule will improve your social media presence.



Social media is here to stay and every business owner needs to make peace with it and maximize on its potential before it’s too late. As a marketer, it’s your chance to get a wider audience and gain knowledge and skills that will make your business thrive.

What do you post on social media? Your content is what will get you customers. It’s crucial that you identify your ideal customer before going into marketing. [For those who are unsure about their ideal customer, subscribe and listen to our previous episode on how to find your ideal customer].

Your ideal customer dictates what content you use. They also dictate the channel you will use. Will it be linkedIn, Tik Tok, Facebook, or Instagram? Know which channel your potential customers frequent and use that channel to bond with them. 

Social Media is not about selling, it’s about being social! Try to resonate with your customers’ pain points.

Most importantly, you need to be consistent if you want to thrive on social media marketing. The best way to do this is to plan ahead of time. Have a schedule. Have a STRATEGY!

Have a balance in how you spend your time on social media. For instance, spend 70% of the time focusing on your content, making sure it’s up to the standards of your audience. And then 30% of that time, just seeing what others are doing, liking and supporting other business not just promoting yours. 

You could also apply the 80/20 rule; where 80% is just creating value to your audience, giving them something that interests them. The 20% will become purely sales driven. Finally, remember to have a clear and concise call_to_action for your audience. 

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