YOU must learn from your mistakes

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  1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

“coming here was a mistake”





Knowing fully well that mistakes are a part of our lives we must learn from it. These mistakes that we commit are things we have to reflect on to prevent us from making the same mistakes again. To not let ourselves be consumed by just the idea that these mistakes are all that we’re made of. 



–      Mistakes are usually honest mistakes 


·    We call them mistakes because these are unintentional, because we didn’t know better 

·    We always would have that we could have and should have at this moment. 

·    If you deliberately make these mistakes without making any changes and learning from this, is it even still a mistake? 


-We don’t only learn from mistakes, we have to reflect upon it.


·    Now that you’re aware of your mistakes, to learn from it you have to ponder upon it. 

·    What lead you to making those mistakes, what caused it and how you can do better to avoid it. 

·    If you don’t learn from it we waste the opportunity to better and improve ourselves. 

-If you keep making the same mistakes you gotta dig deeper.  


·    At some point making the same mistakes over and over again is exhausting and it may be rooted in something deeper that you have to understand and see through. 

·    Sometimes it would take us a longer time to unpack and unlearn but be patient with yourself on that. 

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