The best lessons that can come from mistakes

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  1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

“coming here was a mistake”





After having a mindset of looking for the ways we went wrong and doing better! Now we have to realize that yes some of the best lessons in life we’ve had come from these mistakes. Because these have changed us and has forced us to open our hearts and eyes to growth. 



–      Acknowledging the emotions and lessons


·    Since have learned from our mistakes we have to acknowledge emotions that came along after committing these and so do the lessons. 

·    Understanding the idea that all though we have to learn from it we have to take in and ponder the lessons it provides us. 

·    What are the key changes in our lives we have to make and what are the biggest takeaways from that mistake. 


-Some of my biggest mistakes made the biggest impacts an changes in my life


·    I won’t always be right in any aspect of my life. There will be people that would know better and things are always going to change so I will be making mistakes. 

·    The thing I realized the biggest mistakes I’ve made gave me the lessons and urged me to become better. 

·    Not being able to keep my mouth shut cost me a friend and now I hold secrets with utmost care void of what I think is right. 

·    I have always been comparing myself to the life of others that I was freaking miserable and that was on me so now I do my best to redirect myself away from comparing. 

-Write these lessons down and share it  


·    Now you know more and know where you’ve made some changes share it out to the world so that they also could learn and avoid some of the mistakes you made.  

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