How to deal with future mistakes

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  1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

“coming here was a mistake”





Lessons and mistakes are part of our lives and now that we’ve accepted this and understood how integral it is in our lives. How making mistakes, learning from them helps in our transformation and our becoming. In this episode we’d learn what mindset to have when we deal with future mistakes. 



–      Relapsing is part, repeating mistakes may happen and it’s okay


·    Learning is a process so when we make mistakes and we try to learn from it there would be mishaps. The only thing bad about is when we continue on doing it without changing anything. 

·    So be kinder to yourself and take a few steps back to find what works best for you in dealing with this mistake. 


-Remember you’ve made mistakes and learned from it 


·    I have learned from my past mistakes and it allowed me to grow doesn’t mean you can’t do it again with new mistakes 

·    The world is ever changing there would be things out of reach for you but you shouldn’t fear anything especially making mistakes because we continually learn. 

·    You’ve made mistakes and continually got back up and changed your ways and understood it the best way you can. 


-Kindness and compassion above all


·    It’s easy to forget all these truths about mistakes and how we all can bounce back from it. But here I am to remind you again that your mistakes don’t define you. How you deal with them reveals your character. Give yourself the chance to be kind and compassionate to yourself. 

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