How to deal with people who hurt us?

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  1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

“coming here was a mistake”





This episode would like to help us deal with mistakes outwardly and especially to those people who have wronged us. It doesn’t mean that it’s normal to make mistakes is that we’d tolerate it and allow people to keep repeating it to us. This will help us voice out our grievances and educate people and their actions and hold them accountable, but still with a kind and compassionate heart because we know how it’s like. 



–      All about intention! Was it deliberate or not? 


·    For people who hurt is we have to figure out if it’s on purpose and deliberate, were they really out to hurt us or was it an unprecedented or isolated case. 

·    Now try to gauge the relationship is it worth your energy in dealing and saving. Do we have to be bothered? Because sometimes we don’t maybe they’re just passing and the best way to deal with it is cut them off. 

·    If it’s worth saving air out what you felt while asking for an explanation if this relationship is dear to you. Ask for their side and try to know how they see the situation.  


-An honest mistake done by people you love. 


·    Now if it wasn’t on purpose and comes from a place of concern and love

·    You have to see if the damage done is something you could forgive and work around. 

·    Lead them to the right path, forgiving them doesn’t necessarily mean allowing them back in the same space so quickly you can allow them to earn it again especially if trust was broken. 

·    Keep an open mind and heal on your own pace and see if you could muster up the strength to bury the hatchet. 


-Set your boundaries and limits


·    Keep your space sacred, allow people to have enough space to learn from their mistakes but don’t let them take over your space. Deal with it with an open mind but stern approach. 

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