Aim High, Win Big! Story of the 2021 National Winner of New Zealand Dairy Manager of the Year Award

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Did you know that in New Zealand, the dairy farming industry brings in about $19 billion a year to the national economy? Dairying is spread across 1.74 million hectares of land and plays an important role in every regional economy. It is also a fact that being a dairy farmer is one of the pathways for Filipinos to get work permits in NZ. In this episode we speak to one kababayan we can be proud of, for his achievements in the dairy industry. Meet Mr Christopher Vila, who used to be a Vet in the Philippines who traded his career to explore work opportunities as a dairy farmer in NZ. After more than 10 years in NZ, he now holds the most prestigious award given by the NZ Dairy Industry.
Chris is the —
• National Winner of 2021 New Zealand Dairy Manager of the Year
• First Filipino who won a National Award in the New Zealand Dairy Industry Award
• First Pinoy and Asian who won in Waikato Dairy Manager of Year Category
• Recipient of 2021 Kiwi-Pinoy Heroes Award

Let’s hear it from Chris himself who talks about his life and how he can use his position now to help uplift the Filipino dairy farmers in NZ.

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