What does it take to be great? 5 Things You Need In Your Journey To Greatness

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With the recent success of our very own Hidilyn Diaz in becoming the very first Filipino athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal in a non-exhibition sport, it inspires me to make this episode, an episode focusing all about the journey towards greatness.

We always admire and respect successful people, but we often overlook their journey, their humble beginnings, and the arduous path they took in order to get to where they are today. Greatness is not a process that happens overnight, it is baby steps, it is an act that makes a very small amount of progress towards greatness. 

In this episode, I will share the FIVE things that you should consider when it comes to pursuing greatness and becoming the person that you’re meant to be, your very own #bestmeever.

My Unicorns, enjoy listening!   

Here are a few topics you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • What we see in the recent feat of Hidilyn Diaz is just the tip of the iceberg. 
  • The five things that you should consider when it comes to pursuing greatness and becoming the person that you’re meant to be.
  • Hidilyn Diaz, a journey towards greatness. 

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