The times I thought of giving up.

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1.                  1. 

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

“there is a thin line between success and failure”





This episode aims to break myths on success being a one shoe fits all and to talk about moments when we feel like giving up and how we could bounce back from it. How do we get out of that pit of self-doubt and feeling like we are not enough because we don’t have the success that this world has taught us .  













What were the reasons that made you want to give up the things you’re doing? 



·    I felt like giving on everything that I do just because I don’t see external changes that I expected to see. 

·    I tried so hard to conform with what society deems as successful, this in turn put so much pressure on me and didn’t get to enjoy the fullness of life around me. 



 What does it mean to be successful?  



·    Successful in its sense of the word finishing something you aimed for.

·    It’s not a one shoe fits all approach, but success if relative to the person defining it due to the differences in perspectives, opinions and values. You find someone successful if they are aligned with the values you deem that a successful person should have.



How do we push thru the idea of giving up?  


·    Think before giving up, see and assess yourself if this situation you’re in is aligned with who YOU are and the life you choose to have. What will you do with immense success if it’s not something you enjoy doing. That it causes you to question your very existence in this world. 

·    Dig deeper are you giving up or feeling like you’ve lost the fight because of other people’s definition of success. Have you always compared yourself to how other people expect you to become. Their opinions may sting but yours is the one that matters most. Look back and see how far you’ve come from 5 years or even 3 years ago, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve grown. That in itself is success. TO GROW AND STILL BE ALIVE TODAY. 

·    Don’t give up just because you’re failing in the eyes of others. Besides when you admit that you can’t handle things now doesn’t mean you can’t handle it next time. We never actually give up we just say not now and come better prepared the next. 


It’s okay to not be ready, it’s okay to say not now. 


·    In our lives we will have countless moments where we’d feel overwhelmed and unprepared for situations and tasks. Not because we’re weak but it’s just not the time for us there yet. 

·    The reason for that is because of our constant rushing of things, now when things get overwhelming you have the right to say I’m not in the right state of mind to deal with this. (Simone Biles Reference) 

·    Not now doesn’t mean you’re giving up, you simply know your capacity. (Explain quitting your job) 

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