All the things I fear.

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  1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

“he is prey to irrational fears”






This episode will tackle all the ways we could use fear into our advantage. A more personal approach in acknowledging all our fears and allowing it to just pass us by. Fear is just our thoughts of how things could all go wrong and at different parts of our lives fear has also helped us to move forward and keep on surviving. So being honest and vulnerable about fear is one way I could share with you how I deal with them as well.








What is Fear? Why is fear important?


·    Fear is an emotion and that at various points in our lives it has helped us to survive. It tells our body on how to react to certain things and it helped us make decisions that saves our butts from further trouble. 

·    When people think of Fear the first things that come up is the idea of being scared. Of being scared of certain things and situations. Which somehow leaves a bad notion that fear is negative. That we should not fear anything at all. That’s a lie okay. 

·    Fear is a part of our life and has always been an essential part of our survival. It has taught us to not repeat certain things we’ve done before, it has alerted us to stay away from people that may cause us harm. The right dose of fear will help keep us on our toes and live a life that’s full. 




What do I fear? Why do I need to know what I fear? 


·    My fears: 

o  Failing in life

o  Not achieving my dreams

o  Not being happy and fulfilled

o  Lizards

o  I’m not doing enough

o  Death of loved ones 

o  The future


·    We need to understand what we fear to know how we could deal with it. To know where we could grasp the courage and the heart to face all these. 

·    To ground ourselves and not let these fears take over and immobilize us and keep us stuck. 





Let’s welcome Fear: The benefits of fear



·    Fear help keeps us alive. Fear in the right dose makes us feel most alive and excited. This is evident in extreme sports or moments where we overcome something we’ve always fear we couldn’t. 

·    Fear makes us work harder, because we fear failure, we fear humiliation and we fear not making it. 

·    Fear makes us live in the moment, that at any given time we may not have what we have anymore, so it teaches to stay grounded and make the most of our NOW. 


·    Fear also allows us to become open and vulnerable to people. It allows us to seek help when needed and at the right moments. 


·    Fear also gives us clarity in life, when your dreams and big moves in life scares you it points a mirror to what really matters to you and how far are you willing to go for those things that matter. 



Taking back our power


·    I will start with courage isn’t the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. A quote by Franklin Roosevelt and was also explained in several movies like LOTR and Lion King and etc. 

·    That the brave fears things but does it anyway. How do we get over the fear? Do we truly get over the fear? 

·    The big fears are valid and we can use it to our advantage to avoid doing reckless things and take precautions that could help us avoid these life threatening fears. Like illnesses, accidents and the likes. Being vigilant enough to be cautious in these respective areas. 

·    But those small doses and non-life threatening we should push ourselves and go above and beyond it. 

·    To be brave we first have to admit that we fear something. Acknowledgement of what we fear is key. 

·    Face those fears as much as you can and admit when you need help in dealing with these fears. 

·    Dig deep and assess why these fears have much power on you and take action to train and empower yourself to keep moving forward. 



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