When enough is enough

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When enough is enough. 





In life we would be faced with the question when is enough, enough? There would be people and circumstances in our lives that would force us to be more patient, forgiving and sometimes even be taken advantage of just because we don’t know when to walk away from the things that bring us more harm than good. This episode seeks to guide you and ask the difficult questions about the things in your life and help shed a light and empower you to drop the things that causes you pain. 




When is it enough? 


·    You find yourself always drained in all aspects of your life. You feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world and no one can truly understand what’s going on with you. Not even the person you “Love”. When you feel more alone spending time doing the things you usually enjoy and even being with the people that says they love you. 

·    You feel like you’re the one carrying the whole relationship and if you stopped trying too hard you’re anxious that it will all crumble to pieces. 

·    When you don’t even recognize the person in the mirror, when you’ve changed significantly and don’t even know who you are and where you’re going. 

·    When you keep making excuses for other people and their inaction and faults. You think it’s being understanding but we all have needs and all relationships are a two way street that both parties need to tend to. When you try to make reasons for the actions of other people thinking it’s okay when it’s not, leaving you to take yourself for granted too. 

·    Listen to your heart and the universe if this is what you want, or what was meant for you. Is there a reason for why you’re experiencing. 


Why don’t we walk away from the things and people that hurt us? 


·    Sometimes even if we know the reality already we choose to look the other way because of fear. We’re afraid if we do, we’d lose the people we love, and we would have to undergo change that maybe we’re not ready for. 

·    That we hope at the end of the day they would change the truth is but you can’t change people, that doesn’t want to change. You can’t help people who doesn’t want your help. 

·    And that the moment you stop doing the things you do to keep these people in orbit and they drift away, it shows that they aren’t meant to stay in your life. That they’re time in your life has passed. 

·    Also that change is good because it forces you to grow and growth is uncomfortable but in all the ways worth it. 




We have to see it for what it is. 


·    The questions we have to ask to ourselves is that are we seeing things for what it is? Are we in a situation where we take for granted ourselves and our needs just to take care of the things that’s around us. 

·    Are we happy about who we’ve become and who we’re becoming. Do you know who you are amidst all this chaos? 

·    Sometimes we really have to be hit with reality first and reflect on our own reality, meeting reality on reality’s terms. Not in our fantasies and what we wish things to be. 

·    If you realize that this isn’t something that the past, present and future you would want for yourself it’s time to ask yourself the harder questions about your current relationships and things in your life. 





How do we free ourselves and walk away? 



·    When you have taken the time to answer all those tough questions it’s time for you to start your path to walking away and letting go of things that does not serve you anymore. 

·    To keep your inner peace and continue with personal growth you have to know where you want yourself to go and who and what you want to keep in your life. 

·    Just like Marie Kondo’s philosophy, walking away requires you to go through all your things, relationships, circumstances and ask does it spark joy still if not you have to find a way to let it go. 

·    These are things I always try to remember whenever I am deciding when I should walk away. 

·    Is it aligned with my values and who I am? 

·    Do they choose to stay in my life even if I can’t tend to it all the time? 

·    Is this where I wanted to be? Is this the person I really wanted to spend my life with? 

·    Do these people add value to my life, do they make me feel better? Do they support me? 

·    Is this something that I could keep doing for the rest of my life? 

·    Once you’ve understood that somethings aren’t always meant for us we get to let go. 

·    We don’t own anything in this world and we can’t hold on to people who doesn’t want to stay, the tighter you hold the more painful it gets. 

·    Walk away little by little and start choosing yourself a day at a time, talk and hype yourself up. Do constant reflection and remind yourself of the best things you want for yourself whether it’s with them or not. YOU are the main character. 




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