How to deal with life’s detours

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Verb  detour;


a deviation from a direct course or the usual procedure especially : a roundabout way temporarily replacing part of a route. detour. verb.





One thing is true till the end of our lifetime is that life will always be uncertain. That whatever we set out or plan to do will not go exactly the way we planned. So this episode hopes to calm our minds amidst the storms of our lives and all the detours we take to get to the point of where we believe that we have reached our destination. 




The destination isn’t the end goal, because when you reach your destination you’d want more. 

·    We often hear people say that no one will ever be satisfied. That we would always want more unless we effortfully seek contentment. 

·    That when you reach the top of the mountain, you’ll enjoy the view but you’ll want to fly next, or you’ll look for your next adventure, the never ending pursuit of happiness. 


It’s the process that we could enjoy and fully immerse ourselves in our lives. 

·    It’s the journey that matters most in our way to our dream life and the final stages of our life. 

·    The process and journey is what makes us and what got us to the top. The people we meet the memories we make. And really being able to be present in our lives is one of the biggest flex. 


Detours doesn’t mean no, it could mean not yet and there is something better for you out there. 


·    Sometimes these detours lead us to our greater purposes in life. It could reveal a truth about ourselves we never really had a chance to work on because of being so focused on what we think we want. 

·    Sometimes detours reveal the opportunities that we missed out on because of our hyperfocus on doing the things we do the way we want it. 


It shifts our perspective, it shows us how much little we control in the lives we’re living. 


·    When we’re dead set on achieving something it we don’t get it the way we intend to, it causes us too much stress and the more we resist it the harder it is for us to see the good that detours bring. 

·    Detours opens our minds to new possibilities and that we should see these detours as a blessing. 

·    Means we have so much more to learn in this chapter of our lives before moving forward. 

·    Detours prepare us for better things. 

Last message: It’s okay, you are where you’re meant to be. 

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