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Every entrepreneur looks for tips to yield a higher return on investment. Digital marketing is one of the strategies to build your own personal brand and increase revenue.  How do you identify your target market, clarify your message to your target audience and generate more qualified leads?

What we discuss with Prosper Tarunvinga  in today’s episode:

       In today’s episode, we speak to Prosper Taruvinga, a digital marketing expert and creator of Livelong DigitalMarketing. Tune in to listen to how an accident turned out to be the best move of his life and tips to successful digital marketing strategies.
What we discuss with Prosper Taruvinga  in today’s episode:

  •  How did you conceptualize Livelong digital? What were the frustrations of starting your own business?
  •  How do you engage your audience so that you get more leads to your business?
  •  How to build a strong online reputation that leads to good revenue
  •  Is it right to combine your personal branding and business branding? Will they affect each other or help each other
  •  Is Email Marketing still relevant to business owners?
  •   How to start and grow a business that is profitable and enjoyable amidst this pandemic

About the Guest

Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant at Livelong Digital PTY Ltd. Creator of the ONLINE PROSPERITY BLUEPRINT. A 4-step system that helps small business owners to market, brand and scale their business so that they have a business that’s profitable and enjoyable.

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