Making Every Moment Count, Busy Yet Fulfilled (Samu’t Sari Interview with Hanna De Guzman)

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This guest is unstoppable — when I asked her for a quote this is what she said
“”Life is too short to regret those things that are left undone. So do everything while you still can and while we still have time. Value those things that have once been precious to our ancestors, for if you will not, who else will?!”

Hanna de Guzman explains how as a single working mother of 2 she is able to fulfill her various roles in life — as guardian and parent to her kids, as a support person to her elderly mother, as a manager of their home affairs having recently renovated their ancestral home, how she tries to keep family traditions alive, including working from home in a very busy BPO as a quality analyst. Hanna is indefatigable! She is a super mom. Get to know Hanna as we explore how she copes with a very busy lifestyle.

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Episode 48