What to do on your off season, and while you wait.

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1.     a time of year when a particular activity, typically a sport, is not engaged in.

“during baseball’s winter off-season”






The wait is the most frustrating moment for most of us. We aim high and we do our best to reach our goals but sometimes we’re faced with a not yet. That waiting season for our turn to get a seat at the table, to get the opportunity of our lifetime that will greatly affect how our future is going to be. Now what do should we do in this off season is what this episode will be about! 




What is off season for me?


Is that time of waiting or that time of conditioning and preparing for game day in most sports. When I use it in the general sense of life it’s that waiting season, that process that “We should trust”. It looks different for everyone, it could be you waiting for your results from a school you applied for, you waiting for your visa or just you waiting to graduate. It’s that waiting period before you go on and get grinding. 


The thing is I think when people think about this, they just ultimately wait for their time to come. While that is encouraged and patience indeed is a virtue, there are so many things we have yet to learn. We need to keep ourselves ready. 


Just like any sports and anything we do in our lives we have to prepare we have to get ourselves ready for what is to come. Instead of just waiting patiently there are areas of our lives that need transforming or tending to. 


So on my off season, in the moment of waiting I seek growth in various directions. It may bring me to realizations and opportunities I have yet to uncover and unravel. 



How I work on myself on my off season. 


·    I recenter and dig deep to understand what do I want. 

o  Since there isn’t much that I can do to rush things I want to understand what is it that I really want, is the person I am today aligned to the goals and dreams of my future. 

o  Am I missing out on some signs about the lessons I should be learning? Am I missing out on my present life with the anticipation of what is to come. 


·    I condition myself to the life I choose. Looking for the things that I need to learn and grow during this off season 

o  What are the things that the future me should have as I work my way up to the life I’ve been dreaming to live.

o  What habits should I try to have, how can I live a life aligned to my dreams. 

o  What do I imagine my future life would look like, what does a day in that future life look like. (As a form of manifestation) 


·    I tend to my relationships and celebrate the growth of people around me. 

o  I know that the anticipation of the future may take my time away from the people I have with me now. Sometimes I look forward to what I want neglecting and taking for granted the people I have with me now .

o  While I wait I make sure to strengthen the relationships I have to keep the fire burning so that when I move on to the next chapter of my life, those who wish to stay through the journey will feel the love you have for them. 

o  We also have to understand that we live on borrowed time and we don’t know when our lives will end so this is an important time to ground yourself in the now while holding out for your future. 


·    Constantly making an effort to be happy about the little things to prepare myself to be happy for the greater things to come. 

o  Now one of things I live by is that if you can be trusted with a little thing or happy with the simple stuff you can be trusted and enjoy the grander stuff that life has to offer. 

o  Now these detours, the wait may be uncomfortable but it is essential. 

o  So while we wait, we are taught to make a constant effort to find happiness in the spot we’re in, while we anticipate of the happiness that is to come we don’t forget to live in our present. 

o  To say that we truly lived every moment, we often forget so many things so quickly with the amount of things that could happen in a day. Can you even say that you were present and consciously happy throughout the most of it? Did you make the most of that day in your life? That present the universe has provided you. 


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