How do we manifest our dream life?

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Living my life as if I’m already living the dream




As we prepare and get ourselves ready how should you live up to your life? What are the things you could do to embody and visualize the life you’re dreaming of and wanting for yourself? In this episode we’ll talk about the ways to envision and embody the life we aim to have! 


Once you’re prepared in your off season, already grounded and centered also fully understanding of what you could achieve and be. This is the time for your to manifest your life! 


Why do we do this? 


To align our spirits and energies for what we ask for. When you’re ready and already living within your means and still really trying to reach the top, it gets easier for you to reframe your perspective about life. 

You become more present, you enjoy more of your life and you realize you’re dream life isn’t too far away after all. 


We get caught up with reaching the tops of our mountain that we miss on the opportunity of enjoying every bit of the journey that makes life worth living. We forget to enjoy that success in taking the first step, we forget the mundane because we’re so used to it and have our focus set elsewhere. 



How can you work on this? 


I tap into the universe by living each day of my life as if I’d already achieved all my dreams. 

·    With gratefulness

·    With grit and passion of pursuing growth 

·    Understanding that we’re lifelong learners and life’s curve balls will never end. 



I live as if my dreams are already fulfilled because You don’t have to get ready when you stay ready. -Chichi Devayne

Meaning you’re always prepared to take a shot at the opportunities that go your way that contributes to your dream. 


This kind of energy also attracts likeminded people in your life and also good energies and opportunities. Because you constantly seek growth it will come to you. When the student is ready the teacher appears. 



What I learned from doing this? 



Is that there were so many things in my life that weren’t really aligned to who I wanted to be. 


I had habits I need to develop and skills I need to learn to be that person in my future. 


That I had more than I was thinking and it gave me peace and faith in the process I’m going through. 


That the energy I put out there comes back to me, the more that I look into the bad, that’s more of what I’ll see. 


That it may be difficult for all of us but living with intention and mindfully will help us be present and also with our sights in traveling to the path we wish to take. 

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