How to build your habits and make them stick?

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Building my habits and my dream life. 





Life will always be unpredictable and a lot of the time we’ll be faced with different situations that would require us to adjust and recenter ourselves frequently. In this episode we’d talk about how building habits help us to be resilient and adjust to change easier than we used to! 




I’m a believer of the small habits you build, make your life. That if you are to be trusted and responsible for the little things you are capable of the bigger things. 



Why are habits important? 



Habits is directly related to longevity. Running the marathon of life rather than sprinting it and losing the will to live half way. Your habits will help recenter you. 


Why did I start changing my habits? Was I bad? Was I someone who wasn’t doing what I’m meant to be? 

I love my life, I make sure I live the most out of it but I knew I could do and be more. There things that I was literally choosing over and I had to think if my will power to improve and grow is stronger than me enjoying my comfort. I wanted to live up to how my life is beautiful by making myself worthy of the life I’m living and choose to create for me. 



How to change your habits? 



·       Identify all your goals both personal and work. 

·       See what habits you have to change in order for you to achieve those goals of yours. (SMART) 

·       Take control over your habits: Your brain can’t tell the difference between bad and good habits. 

·       Use The Golden Rule to produce the right changes: 1: Use the same cue 2: CHANGE THE ROUTINE! 3: Provide the same reward.


How to stick to your habits 


Start small – build your confidence in doing little tasks and changes that you can attain first. Don’t forget to celebrate that small win.


Identify your weaknesses and excuses – What are the usual things that hinder your from making this habit stick? What do you usually do or say to let you get off the hook for accountability this time? 



Activate your new habits – make sure you set yourself up to succeed. Prepare all you need, even mentally reminding yourself of the things and habits you need to try and keep. Hype yourself up, prepare days ahead or really push yourself pass that breaking point of doing it and standing up by your word. 



Expect failure – Expect that the first few tries the habit you’re trying to keep won’t stick, your excuses will become stronger and will tell you to stop because you’re failing. Keep going, you failing just means you haven’t found what works for you yet, and use it to your advantage. 



Keep track – List down the habits you’re trying to keep and have a checklist of it daily so that you have a tangible record and proof of your success and failures and even can help you track why there were days you couldn’t keep that habit. 


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