Why do people ghost?

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Why do people ghost?



It’s so obvious that ghosting has been prevalent in modern times and has caused a lot of hearts to silently ache with no resolutions in sight. This episode seeks to discuss what ghosting is and what it means to be ghosted to fully grasp its purpose and have a little glimpse of how we could handle it.


What is ghosting?

The act of completely vanishing from a person’s life without saying goodbye after efforts of building a relationship.


Ways of breaking up. 

·    Self-blame

·    Open Confrontation

·    Avoidance

·    Cost escalation

·    Mediated communication 

·    Ghosting




Ghosting is more about the ghost rather than the victim.

Ghosts usually have unresolved issues or have trouble expressing themselves that they couldn’t be honest with you or themselves It speaks more about their character than you.




Why it hurts


it causes so much confusion and begins to take a toll on the haunted. If they aren’t mentally in a good place they can spiral out. Lastly the lack of closure leaves so much questions.



Effects of ghosting

·    Causes the ghostee (haunted) to self-doubt

·    Will impact how they look at relationships

·    To some extent emotional trauma


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