How to cope up with Ghosting?

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How to cope with ghosting?


Objective: A lot of the struggles about ghosting is now to cope and deal with it. How to feel the necessary emotions and regroup after this devastating phenomenon.


Here are some of the ways we could bring ourselves to try and do to cope with this tragic phenomenon.


Stop blaming yourself

Ghosting often leads us to blame ourselves. we always resort to thinking maybe we could have done things differently so they wouldn’t leave us.


→ Reflect and remember it may have to do more about them than you 


→ It’s not your fault that the person can’t handle

The relationship and maturely give you the truth.


→ They didn’t leave just because of you they left without a word because they can’t deal with the pressures of the relationship and their own resolve on this. 



Face the reality


Being ghosted brings about shame and unearths all the trauma from past rejections. And being ghosted makes us feel unseen, unheard and even unworthy.

That’s why it’s important for us to face the music and see it for what it is.


Ghosting is more about the ghost rather than the victim.


→ Start with self-compassion be kinder to yourself while this feels like it’s all on you remember it takes two to tango. It’s much as their fault than it is yours, but mostly on them and their personal issues that most of the time doesn’t have much to do with us.


→ Recenter and ask the questions do they even match up with you?

→ Grieve and feel the pain allow yourself to go through the experience.


Choose yourself and build yourself up.


It’s not easy moving forward from an open ended ending but what you have to do to move forward is continue caring for yourself, invest in the things you love, become a person so far away from the past that you won’t even recognize that person anymore.


→ Start investing on the people you love, and yourself. Reframe your mind about how you think of the ghost. They are the ones who violated the contract of maturity, that in turn tells you that they weren’t right for you either.



→ Find your resolve, get back on track focusing on self-care and compassion.


→ Build a healthier lifestyle and increase mindfulness to be able to create an atmosphere of accepting things for what they are

When you focus on you, you attract the same people who practice the same values as you do.

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