It’s okay to not have it all figured out

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It’s okay to not have it all figured out

Life is very erratic, unexpected and unpredictable we can’t hold on to something forever and things won’t always go exactly the way we planned it.

Growing up I thought that everything just goes smoothly and one way up. You go to school, you do great in school You get a good job that pays and swoosh You’re going to live your happily ever after working every day of your life just to sustain what you thought is life.
As I went into adulthood I thought I tailed myself and my family because I wasn’t the typical gitted child who graduated with honors and got a nice corporate job that will pay for everything I need or even overflow.

Then that’s when I got pressured and I went on about how come I don’t have it all figured out. I pushed myself hard. chasing the dreams of other people like it was mine. I banked on other people’s idea of success other than my own. But it was all relative, success, money and everything else. I got jobs that paid oway, some that didn’t and most of the time I felt demotivated and lost doing these jobs. I felt like a robot just getting by each and every day with no hope and zest for life. But no one ever told me that I would long for meaning and purpose. That most of my adult life I’d be spending most of my time figuring things out.

Now that I’ve been open to a lot more experiences and other things there is more to life than actually having it all figured out, because life in it’s essence is all about navigating through various streams of emotions, work, and figuring but your place in this world.
And as the world go round things continue to change, people collectively continue to grow.

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