Taking it a day at a time

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Take it a day at a time. 


This episode stands as a reminder for each one of us to ground ourselves back into our now and allow things to flow. That instead of looking too far ahead and worrying about things that hasn’t happened yet we deal with what we can each day. Not going too hard on ourselves and allowing space to grow. 


It’s always rushed 


With everything that’s going on, with social media on blast day after day we can’t help but put ourselves in a position of much stress and pressure. We aim for the skies and we want them to happen overnight, we plan for the future expecting big changes to happen in a blink of an eye. Everything seems like it’s easy to gain because of what we see but that isn’t the truth. A lot of these things you see took time, effort and a whole lot of work in shadows. Mostly these people you see took it a day at a time. 


We have to stop glorifying of much of the things we see in social media and aim for it even without putting in the work. What we can do to change this is find out how we could live “OUR” lives, our paths a day at a time. I know it’s great to dream, it’s amazing to want grand things for yourself but you have to work for it, and sometimes thinking too far ahead paralyzes you in both fear and excitement that you don’t get to do the things that you should be doing now in order to reach those goals. That you worry too much of how it will all happen without even figuring out what is it you need to do now. 



I’m an overthinker 


I use this line, a day at a time or a step at a time whenever I spiral into overthinking. I usually have moments when I’m alone and just with my thoughts that I start to ruminate. Ruminating is a process of thinking about the past and the future too much. Overanalyzing what was and all the what ifs. This usually starts when I get so overwhelmed with what’s happening with my life which happens a lot, and sometimes when nothing’s happening I start thinking maybe I’m not doing enough. So whenever this gets to me I have to pull away, take a walk and revisit my tasks for the day, my immediate goals and where I choose to go. From there I get to really take it one day at a time. 


Your thoughts have power 


I also realized that whenever I let myself go deep into my thoughts I start Catastrophizing everything, a process in which you  create negative outcomes about things that have already happened and is about to happen. You start to instill so much fear that it may actually cause things to be a disaster. 


When I say your thoughts have power, it has such power to affect your perception, communication and situations in ways you couldn’t imagine. It becomes a magnet of what you thought and it can turn it into reality. So with taking it a day at a time you also get to realize that it wasn’t so bad after all, that it could also go so many different directions that could be good for you. 




Even when I don’t know what to do yet I have faith that I will somehow, with each day that passes where I show up for myself and stay in my present I will find my way.


I understand how scary things are and how it all could be so bad and cruel but the truth about all this is we don’t have control of what has already happened. We can’t change the past but only learn from it, yet we also can’t be certain of the future and what it brings, we only can hope. The only thing we have control of is how we live each day of our lives. Building the little puzzle pieces as we move forward, checking which piece fits the puzzle and which works for us. 

And focusing your energy on the things that you could do today, changes so much of what the future holds for you. Do good now, reap what you sow. 



But be reminded that even if everything seems so out of reach, put in the work and your big break will come through. You are the one that lives your life each and every day so don’t ever compare your life to other’s life. They have their own things to worry about and so do you. Focus on getting better, focus on living each day aligned to your calling and purpose. 



How can you live a day at a time:


1. Look after yourself 

–      Selfcare is a must, tending to yourself is a must. 

2.  Be mindful

–      Live with intentions, and practice being present avoid the autopilot

3. Keep a journal

–      Write down the good and the bad of your days to keep track and practice to be present.

4. Let go of the what ifs

–      Try not to worry too much of the future, let’s cross the bridge when we get there. 

5. Set achievable daily goals

–      Set daily goals to build up morale and feel that each day brings about new things. 

6.  Celebrate small wins

–      Big or small these are still wins, the fact you do something to change and grow each day is a huge thing. 

7. Remember you can never take a day back. 

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