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Are you a podcaster in Asia or aspiring to be one?

If you’re an aspiring podcaster on this side of the world, the potential of your message being listened to is not far-fetched. Norman Chella differentiates the podcast market in Asia, the role of culture and how it can put you to an advantage. 

The proliferation of podcasts in western countries is beginning to happen in Asia. There are tons of opportunities in new genres, monetization and new investments. You don’t need to overthink starting a podcast, even if you’re in Asia. Norman tells you why (35:10). 

Listen to this episode for an insider view on the Asian podcasting scene from the person who has been immersed in the Asian podcast market long enough – Norman Chella.

What we learned from Norman in this episode:

  1. Potential opportunities that can be harnessed in Asian podcasting in terms of genres to explore, monetization, investments and buyouts.
  2. How does the Asian podcasting ecosystem differ from the West and what makes Asian podcasts thrive?
  3. How culture plays a role in the Asian podcasting scene
  4. The state of censorship on Asian podcasts.

About the Guest:

Norman Chella is a natural storyteller. He wrote short stories, fiction and sci-fi. He also published them in Quora, where he answered questions in a fun narrative way. He also attended prose and poetry meetups. That was where he was introduced to the first podcast episode he listened to that changed the trajectory of his creative pursuit. He shied away from a story writing competition but visualized his story being produced in audio format; that was how his first episode in Temper Fables was born. His journey as a serial podcast producer has continued since then.

Norman is the host of Podlovers Asia, RoamFM, AntiFool, Tempered Fables podcasts and Chief of Business Development at Renegade Radio, Malaysia’s Premium Podcasting Network, a company that provides podcasting services such as production, marketing, consulting, coaching, speaking, etc.

Norman is also a memory and speed-reading coach to high-performance students and a digital marketer specializing in content and outreach.



02:23 How it all started for Norman Chella in Podcasting

07:03 Is Hindi the second widely used language in Podcasting next to English?

10:26 Trends, new platforms and opportunities in the Asian Podcasting space?

15:08 The state of censorship in the Asian podcast setting

23:02 Is the Asian podcasting market saturated?

26:35 Are YouTube content creators moving into the podcasting space, and is it good or bad?

30:40 How is Spotify likely to do podcast buyouts in Asia?

34:01 Norman’s advice for people looking to start their podcast

How to connect with Norman:

Twitter: @NormanChella    

Email: [email protected]



Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Renegade Radio

Roam FM

Tempered Fables

This is Norm



Memory Palace

Nate diMeo

Blue Yeti

James Cridland

Abhishek Baxi

Podlovers Asia



Joe Rogan

Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper


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