Spotlight on Kiwi-Pinoy Artist & star of NZ Drama “Shortland Street” (Interview with Ms Marianne Infante)

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It is not everyday where you meet one of the major characters from New Zealand’s most popular daily TV Drama “Shortland Street”. She is one of the very few Filipino actors included in this production. As a local celebrity she is putting a face to Filipino health workers in New Zealand, and indirectly giving a voice to a lot of Filipino health workers world wide.

But that is not all that Marianne is about. She is writer, a stage actor, a producer, and Founder of her own theatre group. She is young, vibrant, ambitious and driven. She is passionate about representation of the Asian voice in the world of theatre, and performing arts. She is so inspirational!!!!

Get to know more about Marianne in this episode. Special mention to all the Kapangpangans who she really identifies with so much!

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