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One of podcaster creators’ ultimate dreams is to grow a following that will stay with them for the long haul. And a way to do this is to create a cohesive community.

In this episode, we talked with Arielle Nissenblatt about her thoughts on community-building and how podcasters can leverage it to thrive in the podcasting industry. 

Listen in and learn from Arielle how you can nurture and give value to your community and how having a community can make your podcast sustainable.

 All these and a handful of advice that you shouldn’t miss from a successful podcast community manager.

What we learned from Arielle in this episode:

  1. How an avid consumer of podcasts gave birth to the Earbuds Podcast Collective community

  1. What opportunities in advertising and monetization podcasters can tap into even if they don’t have a large following

  1. Why a cohesive community is an essential element in podcasting.

  1. How podcasts can be an effective medium of education.


“Know about the other podcasts in your niche not because it’s a bad thing, but because it’s an opportunity for collaboration.”

About the Guest:

Arielle Nissenblatt is the founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective, a podcast listening movement that allows its members to curate a podcast theme recommendation with five podcast episodes each week and sends it through a newsletter.  

The idea came to Arielle in 2017 while she was stuck in the usual LA traffic, realizing that podcasts are what gets her through the daily traffic and wanting to expand the repertoire of her weekly listening list. The lack of podcasts to listen to led her to solicit her friends’ recommendations until it grew into a movement. 

Arielle is also the community manager of Squadcast.fm, an all-in-one remote recording platform that helps podcasters record video and audio in studio quality. Inside the SquadCast community, Arielle makes sure that people love Squadcast beyond the time they are using it to record their podcast and see SquadCast as a community they can learn about podcasting.

Arielle’s goal is to create a podcast community where audio lovers can create, ask questions, collaborate, and most importantly, listen. 



02:00 Arielle started The Earbuds Podcast Collective five years ago….

04:13 Different ways early-stage podcasters can make their podcast viable for advertisers

06:33 Ways to monetize your podcast even if you have less than 2000 downloads

09:15 The reciprocity that happens inside a community and how it can work for both the podcast and the community members.

11:10 Choosing the best platform for the type of community that you have

17:23 The reason people show up and interact as a community is what will make a strong and cohesive community that benefits both the podcast and its community.

17:23 Arielle hopes that in the future, podcasting will not just be a medium for entertainment but also as a platform to be adopted for education.

19:10 Arielle’s advice to people who want to get on board with podcasting is to listen to other podcasts in their niche, see the opportunity to collaborate instead of thinking of them as a deterrent to their growth.

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