Why Podcasting and What It Can Do For Your Business (Interview with Mr Miko Santos)

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As Season 2 of Samu’t Sari Conversations with Mimi comes to a close for this year 2021, I thought it would be appropriate to chat with the Founder and head of the Guerilla Podcast Syndicate where Samu’t Sari is a member of. Miko paved the way for me being in the podcast space 2 years ago!

In this episode, Miko and I traced the origins of Miko’s career in communication, how he started into podcasting, and he gives us a glimpse into how podcasting works, even explaining what his podcast company does for other brands or businesses. Join me on this very interesting discussion about podcasting, especially if you are curious to know what it is, and then I will see you next year for another Season (Season 3, would you believe it????)

There will be more exciting episodes to watch out for, so stay tuned!

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