Episode 1: Getting to Know Retironaryo

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Hello and welcome to Season 3 of Samu’t Sari: Conversations with Mimi.

For this season, Mimi decided to collab with her husband Jarvis who is the owner of the YT channel My Stock Investment Journey. Together they decided to focus this year’s podcast on budgeting, saving, and investing in order to retire as future millionaires. Who does not want to be a millionaire?

So Samu’t Sari is hosting Retironaryo! Retironaryo is all about exploring ways to budget, save, plan and invest for your retirement. The show will share the Laurilla family experience as well as give you additional insights on what possible options you have that is suited to your own personal circumstance.

Episode 1 traces the beginnings of Retironaryo – our goals, our vision, and sharing with you who we are and why we decided to create Retironaryo.

Retironaryo stands for RETIRE BILANG ISANG MILYONARYO (Retire as a Millionaire).

So if you also want to become a future millionaire, join us as we journey together.

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Enjoy episode 1!

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