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Life is a journey that you create. You are the captain of your own ship, and if you don’t lead it in the direction you want, you’ll end up sailing into places you don’t want to be. And remember, choose wisely. Decide on the path where you feel comfortable and happy, a path without negativity.

In this episode, I will be guiding you through the FIVE signs you should know when it’s time for you to rewrite the stars to be able to go to a place of happiness and positivity where you’ll achieve your very own #bestmeever.

Here are a few topics you’ll hear on today’s show…

  • An absolutely wonderful movie: The Greatest Showman – I’ll talk about how it made me realize that we can rewrite our own stars.
  • The power of destiny: Everything that happens in life has a purpose and a reason.
  • The FIVE signs that it’s time for you to rewrite the stars.


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