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As podcasters, we have several responsibilities. We are constantly looking for new guests, thinking of topics to discuss, and how to improve our show. In fact, the two of the primary aspects of podcasting that often get overlooked are growth and monetization.

If you’re a podcaster, you’re probably aware of the fact that growing your podcast is difficult. The podcast industry has been growing for years and today, there are millions of podcast listeners. Yet, few podcasters have actually monetized their podcasts.

Don’t worry, Evans Putman is here to help! He is the owner of Infinite Impact Coaching and Consulting, who helps podcasting entrepreneurs build million-dollar businesses and he will share with us his expertise on how we can grow and monetize our podcast.

Enjoy listening!

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About the Guest:

Evans Putman is the World’s Best Podcast Prosperity Coach, best-selling author, expert speaker and Quantum Leap Consultant who helps entrepreneurs build million-dollar businesses that change more lives by using his High-Ticket Podcast Sales Machine Blueprint.

An entrepreneur for 20+ years, Evans has tasted both success and failure along his journey as both business owner, husband and father. Before stepping into his present role as Coach and Consultant, his previous business was days away shutting down. That all changed when he found a unique recipe for turning on a steady stream of traffic, leads and dream clients using a podcast sales funnel.

He went on to use this unique, new method to take that business beyond 7 figures and to grow an audience of 4.5 million listeners – organically – without paid ads. That podcast and business was then sold to the highest bidder and Evans went on to help other entrepreneurs create their own Podcast Sales Machines.

Along that journey, he was also blessed to have his trainings licensed by and featured in ClickFunnels Founder Russell Brunson’s high-ticket coaching programs.

Now, Evans is on a mission to help entrepreneurs with big, positive messages and missions create quantum leaps and accelerate success by unlocking unlimited financial potential and becoming the world’s best in their chosen niche with his High-Ticket Podcast Sales Machine Blueprint.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How can you grow your podcast into a 7-figure business? Here are the tips and tricks Evans shares with us on how he managed this feat.
  • How you can grow your podcast with the skills you have already learned.
  • How to use your podcast to create brand awareness and using it as a foundation of your business itself.
  • The importance of knowing your customer avatar.
  • Highly effective ways to improve podcast engagement.
  • Podcast Monetization: Evans will talk about how to monetize a podcast using different strategies.

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